How to play Book of Gods slot machine? (Tips & Strategies )

How to play Book of Gods slot machine?

Book of Gods slot machine available in Betclic online casino is truly amazing. We have read about it on a popular Book of Ra blog, that it was probably the best Book of Ra Alternative slot machine so far. Moreover, we also agree with it. Well, let’s check how to play Book of Gods slot machine?

Book of Gods info & bonuses

Book of Gods slotsLet’s start there, that Book of Ra slot machines are equipped with only 9 or 10 ways, while Book of Gods offers incredible 243 ways. Perhaps this huge number sounds a little bit strange for beginners, but believe us, You can easily get used to that. The other interesting thing is that the player can not set the number of winner lines on the Book of Gods slot machine, so You do not have to worry about it. The important thing is to start playing on Book of Gods slot machine with the right bet. Therefore, You can increase or decrease your bet by pressing the STAKE buttons in the upper-right corner. You should not care about the BUY buttons found above the STAKE buttons. First of all, let’s discuss an important issue! Where is it worth to test your luck on the Book of Gods slot machine?

Where to play with real money on Book of Gods slot machine?

Perhaps the most important question is ‘Where to play with real money on Book of Gods’? We do not say that You could not win on the Book of Gods slot machine in another casino, but we think Betclic is the most appropriate for this. We are so confident, because we have been playing in this casino for many years, and we have never experienced any problems so far.

Betclic Casino bonuses:

We prefer them because they double the first deposit of a new player up to £200.  We have also chosen them, because but deposit and withdrawal are very simple. In the Betclic online casino, You prize is paid within some hours. Well, we are not going to praise them, but according to our experiences, it is not so obvious in most casinos. Well, You already know where to register if You wish to play on Book of Gods slot machine! 🙂 Click here and register!

100% BONUS UP TO £200

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How to play on Book of Gods slot machine?

Since we have already clarified, that it is worth to test your luck on Book of Gods slot machine in Betclic online casino, let’s check how to play on Book of Gods slot machine! First, we explain You the feature of the ‘BUY’ button above the ‘STAKE button. This feature is unique for the BIG TIME GAMING slot machines. In this case, by pressing the button and receiving a confirmation, You can buy the bonus game.

How to win bonus game on Book of Gods?

Well, on the Book of Gods slot machine, the FREE SPINS bonus game offers 15 free spins with the Clone Symbols. In normal cases, it is activated when three or more ‘Book’ symbols show up. Well, since we are talking about a BIG TIME GAMING slot machine, You may even buy this bonus game. Well, it is not cheap: the X80 of your actual bet. Perhaps it sounds like a bit expensive first, but let’s think about it! Following the activation, the bonus game awaits You! 🙂

Book of Ra Gods Tips & Strategies

Book of Gods Feature DropsBefore going on, we declare that there is no 100% sure tip or strategy available. We can not tell You the perfect strategy. We provide You only such tips that have proved to work at us. However, this does not guarantee the same results in your case. But it is worth a try, isn’t it? 🙂 Well, the primary goal on the Book of Ra Gods slot machine is achieving the bonus game. It results in 15 free spins with Clone Symbols. OK, You can also get Clone Symbols randomly during the game. This is when symbols matching with the symbols available on the left show up on the winner reels, and they are then cloned. The only problem with it is that they are only low-value symbols. Higher-value symbols may be cloned only during the bonus game.

Book of Gods Bets strategy?

So the point is that You have to win a bonus game at all costs. The best way is to purchase that. You do not need to purchase on a high bet. You can win many free spins right on £2 or £10 bet. Well, if You have purchased that, You already get 15, and additional three ‘Book’ symbols showing up during the bonus game are worth additional FREE SPINS. Moreover, in this case, You get additional free spins and Clone Symbols!!! 🙂 The other Book of Gods Tip is to frequently change your bet. So for instance spin some at £2 then some at £10 bet. You can figure out, which one fits You the best, where is it worth to buy a bonus game? 🙂

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