How to play Bonanza slot machine?

How to play Bonanza slot machine

If You do not know it, we tell You that Bonanza slot machine is one of the most popular Megaways slot machines. Megaways slot machines are those casino games, which offer You many thousands or hundred thousands of winning chances. Book of Gods slot machine is just like that. In case of Bonanza slot machine, this is exactly 117649 winning chance. Anyway, You can find several Megaways slot machines in Unibet casino by clicking here. In Unibet casino, You can definitely find the Bonanza slot machine too. However, it does not make a difference where do You test your luck on Bonanza slot machine, if You do not even know how to play Bonanza slot machine… Therefore, we would like to provide You some very useful Bonanza Tips & Strategies. There is one thing we can promise You: if You follow our advices, playing on Bonanza slot machine will be much more fun! Well, before going on, check out how to start playing on the Bonanza slot machine?

How to start playing on the Bonanza slot machine?

Bonanza slot machine startRight after launching the game, You must have noticed, that unlike other slot machines, You are unable to set the number of winner lines.  On Bonanza slot machine, however, You can switch only the bets. This is min. £0.2 and max. £20. We have to tell You, that the bet may vary across countries and casinos. However, we think that since Bonanza slot machine offers 117649 winning chances, £20 is absolutely enough. Well, it is even better this way, because You can play on the maximum bet. 🙂 You can set the bet below the ‘Stake’ sign. Well, if You click on the right arrow, it increases, and if You click on the left one, then the bet decreases. You may also set automatic spins under the button for setting the bet, using the arrows. You can begin playing by pressing the big green button. Well, Bonanza slot machine is so easy to operate, isn’t it? Do You start understanding how to play Bonanza slot machine? 🙂

Unibet casino bonus not only for the Bonanza slot machine!

We think that it is good to know that every new registered player testing his luck on any casino game is welcome in Unibet casino by doubling his initial deposit. This is a perfect opportunity to learn the preferred casino game, which might be even the Bonanza slot machine. Since we recommend Unibet casino for Bonanza slot machine, we recommend You that take some minutes to visit Unibet casino before reading on. Register to the casino! The process may last only up to 2 minutes!



Unibet Casino bonus

How to win Free Spins on Bonanza slot machine?

Bonanza slot free spinsIt is not a secret, that according to our experiences, somehow it is not so easy to win a bonus game on Megaways slot machines. We suppose that the reason might be the many winning chances. Perhaps for this reason, You may even purchase the bonus game on certain Megaways slot machines, which usually costs the X80-X100 of the actual bet. For example, Book of Gods slot machine belongs to this category. However, it is not always worth to purchase the bonus game. We think that You should rather let yourself win the free spins. Well, on Bonanza slot machine, 4 Scatter symbols shall show up to achieve this feature Get four Gold Scatters offer You 12 free spins and every extra Scatter adds and extra five free spins. Moreover, during free spins, every spin resulting in a prize provide additional chances to win with more multipliers. There is no multiplier limit either! Bonanza slot machine offers You unlimited multipliers!!! 🙂 Let’s think about it! What prize would 4 Scatters at £20 bet with a huge multiplier offer?

Bonanza slot machine Tips & Strategies

Before recommending anything, we have to clarify that there is no 100% tip or strategy out there. We can share You only our experiences. So it is up to You whether You apply them or not. We are not liable for them! First of all, we play on Bonanza slot machine only in the Unibet casino. We would not claim that You could not win in another casino, but we have won here more times than elsewhere. The other one is that if You manage to win only two Scatter symbols all the time, and You never achieve the third one (required for the bonus game), then You should rather take a rest. Do not force that! It is better to wait for two hours and retry than losing a lot within that 2 hours! Well, another question is on which bet do You test your luck on Bonanza slot machine. Since the maximum bet is pretty low compared to other slot machines, we recommend You at least £10 or even £20 bet. This way, nothing can stop You in winning really high prizes! May the fun begin? Are You ready for the big challenge? Do You finally know how to play on Bonanza slot machine? 🙂

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